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US-Taiwan Business Council - Helping Companies Conduct Business and Trade with Taiwan
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The US-Taiwan Business Council is a non-profit organization that is 100% funded by its member companies and by event/services sponsorhips. Members consist of public and private companies with business interests in Taiwan, and range in size from one-person consulting firms to large multinational corporations.

The organization serves as a portal to Taiwan, and acts as an effective representative for our members. Because the organization reflects the views and concerns of an extensive group of important U.S. businesses, the Council is generally considered to be one of the most influential private organizations in the U.S.-Taiwan relationship.

Corporate Level Membership - US$7,500/year
We offer our corporate members a bundle of services that includes up-to-date news and information through our e-bulletins and analysis reports. These products provide comprehensive coverage of political, business, trade, and investment developments that influence the business environment in Taiwan.

Members also receive invitations to a variety of events. Our seminars, luncheons, and dinners provide a forum for trade and industry specific discussions, and offer our members access to corporate leaders and government officials. Several sector-specific conferences each year bring together participants from both the private sector and the U.S. and Taiwan governments. Some events are co-sponsored with other organizations, and our gatherings of business leaders from the two economies bring together hundreds of U.S. and Taiwan participants each year.

Our extensive network of relationships gives all our members access to the people and information that can help them succeed in their Taiwan business endeavors.

Chairman's Circle Level Membership - US$15,000/year
The "Chairman's Circle" was started in 1991 by Caspar Weinberger, then Chairman of the Council. The idea was to form a group consisting of CEO's from companies with major interests in US-Taiwan business and trade, who would be able to discuss relevant macroeconomic developments, influence economic relations between Taiwan and the US, enlarge bilateral trade between the two, and assist each other in achieving business objectives.

Chairman's Circle members receive personal attention towards accomplishing their goals in the Taiwan market, and the Council acts as a tactical and strategic consultant to each Chairmanís Circle company. For Chairman's Circle members who are the American subsidiaries or branches of companies headquartered in Taiwan, the Council can help with advice on doing business in the US, can provide assistance in searching for American business contacts and partners, and can help deal with issues concerning national or state governments.

One of the Councilís greatest strengths lies in having direct access to the highest levels of Taiwanís government and business community, as well as to senior levels of the U.S. government both in the Executive Branch and in Congress. We do advocacy work on projects for our Chairmanís Circle members. We assist with introductions to top officials in Taiwan and in the U.S., help with letters recommending appropriate courses of action in dealing with problems, and arrange key meetings on major business issues. The Council has been effective in dealing with many matters, including multi-billion dollar equipment sales, market access issues, contractual disputes, profit repatriation issues, etc.

Senior executives of Chairmanís Circle companies also have additional opportunities to meet and discuss business issues with the Taiwan President, Premier, other Cabinet officers, and leading Taiwan CEO's. Our Chairman's Circle members find that the personal relationships they establish at these meetings are invaluable in advancing their business objectives in Taiwan.

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